Hyde Park Branch
DOVA Temporary
The University of Chicago
October 21 - November 13, 2010
Organized in conjunction with Jennifer Cohen, Hannah Klemm and Mackenzie Schneider

Hyde Park Branch was organized as a part of the University of Chicago's fifth annual joint English and Art History graduate student conference, Communicating Forms: Aesthetics Relationality Collaboration. The Branch Library was assembled from books found in thrift stores and used bookstores across Chicago as well as 2 titles borrowed from Marc Fischer's personal collection. It also included an exhibition of artworks generated from the library's holdings. In keeping with the theme of the conference, many of these works have been produced in a collaborative manner, or by collectives. Participating artists included Erik Cameron, Flux Factory, David Hartwell, David Horvitz, Josef Jacques, Allan LeSage, Sarah Podles, Ben Spicer, Jacob Spicer, and Joshua Marie Wilkinson. A photocopier was provided for visitor use.


David Horvitz
We Would Like to Offer You A Flower, 2010
Map, pins, flowers, collaboration, free faxes
Dimensions variable

David Hartwell, Josef Jacques, and Sarah Podles
Untitled, 2010
Inkjet prints
60" x 30" each

Ben Spicer, Erik Cameron, Jacob Spicer and Allan LeSage
This Remarkable Neighborhood, 2010
15 Inkjet prints mounted on particleboard
21" x 17" each

Douglas Paulson (Flux Factory)
txt mstrpc lbry, 2010
3 inkjet prints and 1 framed collage
24" x 36" each and 12" x 10" frame

Joshua Marie Wilkinson
Stenotype Reader, 2010
Sharpie on cardboard
Dimensions variable
source material displayed alongside piece

Angela Washko (Flux Factory)
Untitled, 2010
Cut fluorescent post-it notes, highlighters, pen and ink, white-out
3" x 3" each

Matthew Nye (Flux Factory)
This is a Fairy Tale for you Young Man, 2010
Stapled Xerox children's zine
7" x 8"

Janne Höltermann (Flux Factory)
ASAP, 2010
Flipbook, pencil on paper
4.25 x 6.25"

Katrine Herschensohn* (Flux Factory)
Atlas of the Body, Poster 1 and 2, 2010
Inkjet prints
35.5" x 22.5" each

Kristoffer Solberg* (Flux Factory)
Reanimation Library Rehash, 2010
6.5" x 6.5" x 6.5"

*names have been altered to protect the innocent.