Hyde Park Branch
DOVA Temporary
The University of Chicago
October 21 - November 13, 2010
Organized in conjunction with Jennifer Cohen, Hannah Klemm and Mackenzie Schneider

Hyde Park Branch was organized as a part of the University of Chicago's fifth annual joint English and Art History graduate student conference, Communicating Forms: Aesthetics Relationality Collaboration. The Branch Library was assembled from books found in thrift stores and used bookstores across Chicago as well as 2 titles borrowed from Marc Fischer's personal collection. It also included an exhibition of artworks generated from the library's holdings. In keeping with the theme of the conference, many of these works have been produced in a collaborative manner, or by collectives. Participating artists included Erik Cameron, Flux Factory, David Hartwell, David Horvitz, Josef Jacques, Allan LeSage, Sarah Podles, Ben Spicer, Jacob Spicer, and Joshua Marie Wilkinson. A photocopier was provided for visitor use.


Borrowed from Marc Fischer's personal collection

It's Smart to Use a Dummy
Philadelphia, PA: Westminster Press, 1971

Considering Plastic Surgery?
New Orleans, LA: Crescent Books, 1985

Purchased in Chicago

The Algae
An Atlas of Far Eastern Politics
Atlas of Human Histology
Audiovisual Materials: Their Nature and Use
Be Expert With Maps & Compass: The Complete Orienteering Handbook
Better Homes & Gardens House Plants for the Indoor Gardner
Birds As Individuals
Brains, Behavior, & Robotics
Chordate Anatomy
City of Akenaten Object Index
The Computerized Society: An Appraisal of the Impact of Computers on Society Over the Next Fifteen Years
Courtship: An Ethological Study
De Luxe Book of Skiing
Earth Oil
Exercises in Physical Geology
Fishes of the Great Lakes Region
The Foundations of Human Evolution
Hand Atlas of Human Anatomy: Vol. 1: Bones, Joints, Ligaments
Helicopters and Autogiros: A Chronicle of Rotating-wing Aircraft
Israel Defence Forces: The Six Day War 5.6.67
Land of the 500 Million: A Geography of China
Le Merveilleux Magicien: Comment étonner ses amis
The Loom of Creation: A Study of the Purpose and the Forces that Weave the Pattern of Existence
Mary Margaret McBride Encyclopedia of Cooking, Volume 5: Fish and Shellfish, Freezing Guide, Frostings and Fillings, Frozen Desserts, Fruits, Game
The Middle Ear
The Molecular Architecture of Plant Cell Walls
Nervous Control of the Heart
Penguins: Past and Present, Here and There
Pocket Billiards with Cue Tips: How to Win at Pocket Billiards
The Practical Handbook of TV Repairs
Seafood Ships
Sickle Cell
Skin and Scuba Diver
Skyrocketing into the Unknown
Starting Right With Milk Goats
Stomach Ulcers: The Causes of Stomach Ulcers and Modern Methods of Treatment
Tauromachy: The Story of the Corrida
Thoughts on Small Boat Racing
Western Rider's Handbook
Where the Winds Sleep: Man's Future on the Moon: A Projected History
The Wonder of Heat Energy: A Picture Story of the Vital Part Heat Plays in Our World