Franklin Street Branch
Franklin Street Works, Stamford, CT
April 4 - June 16, 2013
Organized in conjunction with Terri C. Smith
as part of the exhibition, Strange Invitation

Franklin Street Branch consisted of approximately 40 books sourced from Stamford and surrounding areas of Connecticut. It included a series of inkjet prints by Pradeep Dalal. A scanning station and photocopier was provided for visitor use.

Franklin Street Branch at the Franklin Street Works website


Better Homes and Gardens Family Medical Guide
Biologie in Übersichten: Wissensspeicher für den Biologieunterricht
A Bird's Body
Chromosomes, Giant Molecules, and Evolution
Coasts, Waves, and Weather for Navigators
Complete Duck Shooter's Handbook
Electronic Fundamentals and Applications
en Argentina
Everybody's Weaving Book
The Family Horse
Fighting High-Rise Building Fires: Tactics and Logistics
The Flowering Wilderness
Flowers of the World in Full Color
Goren's Modern Backgammon Complete
Great Fires of America
How to Make Foreign Dolls and their Costumes
Imperial Glass Co.
Know Stable Design and Management
The Language of Handwriting and How to Read It
Man and the Vertebrates
Modern Collector's Dolls: Identification and Value Guide
Molecular Basis of Ion Channels and Receptors Involved in Nerve Excitation, Synaptic Transmission and Muscle Contraction: In Memory of Professor Shosaku Numa
Neuropharmacology: Transactions of the Third Conference
The Oxford Book of the Invertebrates
Parrakeets of the World
The Plant Kingdom: Evolution and Form
Pleasures of Needlepoint: A How-To Book of Beautiful New Designs Everyone Can Make
Rainy Day Magic: How to Make Sunshine on a Stormy Day
Sailing to Win
Seals, Sea Lions, and Walruses: A Review of the Pinnipedia
Skiing on the Level: Official Cross-Country Manual of the German Ski School
Spatial Orientation: The Spatial Control of Behavior in Animals and Man
Speech and Hearing Science: Anatomy and Physiology
Stamp Collecting: Modern History in the Mail
The Thinking Computer: Mind Inside Matter
Wind Waves at Sea Breakers and Surf