Joshua Tree Branch
High Desert Test Sites, Joshua Tree, CA
February 16 - March 31, 2013
Organized in conjunction with Aurora Tang

Joshua Tree Branch consisted of 93 books sourced from greater Los Angeles, and in and around the town of Joshua Tree. It included a group exhibition, entitled, Total Picture Control that featured work by Brian Bosworth, Frederick Fulmer, Coco Hall, Scott Pinkmountain, Stephanie Smith, Julie Tolentino, Women, and Patrick Woody. A scanning station and photocopier was provided for visitor use.

Joshua Tree Branch at the High Desert Test Sites website


Three film submissions to library and support system for promotional materials, 2013
rocks, light fixtures, flyers, public film screening series in the spirit of the Reanimation Library to take place in the courtyard behind the exhibition space

Patrick Woody
Fair Isle Patterned Stump, 2013
burnt stump
derived from The Complete Book of Knitting and Crocheting, 1954

Scott Pinkmountain
The Van Dean Manual, 2013
text derived from The Van Dean Manual, 1965

Stephanie Smith
Dry Toilet Prototype - v1 with Sand Art decal, 2013
CNC cut plywood frame with toilet seat and decal derived from Sand Painting, 1975
Dry Toilet Flat-Pak CNC Pattern, 2013 Digital print
Dry Toilet Decal Pattern, 2013 Digital print

Brian Bosworth
Untitled, 2013
19 ceramic cups with decals, self-serve tea Featuring images from the Reanimation Library: Joshua Tree Branch

Frederick Fulmer
Jesus Bugs, 2013
acrylic and paper on wood panel
derived from Aquatic Insects of California, 1963

Julie Tolentino
The Divine Immortal Fakery & Vulgar Smoke Apothecary featuring the LAYMAN'S BITTER GOLD ELIXIR, Late Winter 2013
ganoderma, spirits, barley, water, glass, wood gold thread, Burmese antique brass, moxa sticks (artemesia vulgaris), solstice vials
Inspired by The Layman's Guide to Acupuncture, 1975
**Feel free to sample the three longevity tinctures using the dropper. Please drop onto or under your tongue, keeping the applicator away from your mouth. Follow with a sweet: orange or chocolate.

Scott Pinkmountain
United States and British Commonwealth in Prophecy, 2013
text derived from United States and British Commonwealth in Prophecy, 1967

Coco Hall
Gene Pile, 2013
papier mache, acrylic paint
derived from The Child with Central Nervous System Deficit, 1965