Carpenter St. Branch
The Storefront at 186 Carpenter St., Providence
March 3 - April 29, 2012
Organized in conjunction with Nick Ferreira, Jori Ketten and Andrew Oesch

Carpenter St. Branch consisted of approximately 50 books sourced from thrift stores, used bookstores, and antique shops in Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts. In addition to these books, the branch also featured two exhibitions of visual art - Living With Data and Mining the Collection, as well as a series of programs and talks. A scanning station was available for visitor use. Participating artists included Jay Zehnebot, Emmy Bright, Landfill Magazine, Buck Hastings, Nick Carter, and Daniela Ben-Bassat.

Carpenter St. Branch at the Carpenter St. website

Afghans: Traditional and Modern
An Atlas of Cross-Sectional Anatomy: Computed, Tomography, Ultrasound, Radiography, Gross Anatomy
Basic Television: Principles and Servicing
Better Homes & Gardens Lunches and Brunches
Better Homes and Gardens House Plants
Better Homes and Gardens So Good With Fruit
Colonization of the Moon
Color Mixing System for Watercolors: A Practical Guide to Color Mixing
Color Printing
Color Wonderful: The Revolutionary Color 1 Associates Wardrobe and Makeup Program
Conscious and Unconscious Expressive Art: Theories, Methodology and Pathographies (Vol. 3)
Dr. Montessori's Own Handbook
Economics and the Free Enterprise System
Egg Decorating: Plain and Simple
The Eighth Wonder
An Emission-Line Survey of the Milky Way
F.A.O. Schwarz Toys Through the Years
Film and Television Makeup
Gregg Speed Studies
Handwriting Analysis: The Art and Science of Reading Character by Grapho Analysis
Human Embryology
Human Navigation and the Sixth Sense
Instant Horsepower: A Complete Guide to Installing and Using Nitrous Oxide Systems
Jerusalem in Needlepoint and Embroidery
The Land and Wildlife of Africa
The Land and Wildlife of North America
The Land and Wildlife of South America
Molecular Biology of the Gene
Mushrooms and Toadstools: An Account of the More Common Edible and Poisonous Fungi of Canada
O.R. Nursing: Preoperative Care and Draping Techniques
Parallel Processing Systems: An Advanced Course
Plant Propagation in Pictures: How To Increase The Number Of Plants In Your Home And Garden By Division, Grafting, Layering, Cutting, Bulbs And Tubers, Sowing Seeds and Spores.
Power: Mechanics of Energy Control
Practical Color Magick
Practical Orthodontics
Principles of Genetics
Progressive Filing and Records Management
Roller Skating
Rolling Bearings and their Contribution to the Progress of Technology
The Sea Around Us: Special Edition for Young Readers
Simple Library Cataloging
Sounds of Western North Atlantic Fishes: A Reference File of Biological Underwater Sounds
Symmetry in Coordination Chemistry
Talk to the Deaf: A Practical Visual Guide Useful to Anyone Wishing to Master the Sign Language and Manual Alphabet
Visualization: The Second Computer Revolution
Water Flying
Wild Animals of North America: Intimate Studies of Big and Little Creatures of the Animal Kingdom